Introducing h.alt

The new champion of hemp.

Just as Vegetarian Eats has been an extension of myself, h.alt embodies who I am, and what I’m passionate about; healthy, simple, alternative, plant-based, living. h.alt allows me to extend my love for the alternative and my love for vegetarianism using one of the world’s oldest domesticated crops, hemp!

Hemp? What and why?

Hemp is a miracle plant. It’s one of the world’s oldest domesticated crops, and for millennia the hemp plant has been spun into useable fibre for rope, clothing and paper, while hemp seeds have been used as a delicious and nutritious ingredient to add to cooking, or eat raw. The real question is why not hemp?

Years ago, hemp was briefly banned because of its ratty cousin marijuana, but they are not the same plant! Hemp contains no THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana), it’s just that legislators took a while to realise this. 

Now that hemp seeds are freely available in Australia, we’re rediscovering the immense health benefits hemp brings to the table. High fibre, low sugar, omega 3 and 6, no cholesterol, a massive laundry list of vitamins and minerals, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free and vegan. What doesn’t hemp do???

It’s the immense health properties and the great taste that first drew me to hemp. I’ve always believed in looking for better ways to eat and live, and that search has now culminated in h.alt.

On top of being naturally delicious, hemp seeds are widely considered to be one of the most nutritionally complete food sources in the world. Its laundry list of essential vitamins and minerals include a perfect balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, a bucketload of protein, dietary fibre, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

So why h.alt, why now?

There’s a lot more to hemp than we can’t fit here, and We believe when people seek alternatives, they’re actually seeking to be better in life, than what they were, than others.

The seekers of alternate are the early adopters of better. For those that have discovered that secret, it’s not about bragging rights, but about a quiet confidence in being one step ahead. Hemp is the new version of that.

To begin this journey, we’re selling hemp seeds and hemp protein powder, both great products to elevate your cooking game to new levels.

For instance, our raw hemp seeds taste great on their own, but can be added to enhance the taste and nutrition of bread, slices, biscuits, quiches, pancakes, protein balls, roasts, hamburgers, pasta, curries, stir-fry and roasted and boiled veggies.

You can also incorporate hemp seeds anywhere you would usually use nuts or other seeds for a flavour kick with all the nutrition you could possibly need.

Likewise, our hemp protein powder is great for smoothies and shakes, but as an ingredient it’s also one of the most holistic sources of protein you could add to any of your recipes. Try using hemp powder in your baking as a substitute for flour. Brownies and pancakes are great with hemp powder, so give baking a try to get the most out of the hemp nutrients.

Later this year we’re even planning to launch our own line of hemp milk, so keep your ear to the ground for that in the coming months – I’ve already sampled our milk and trust me, your coffee will never be the same again.

In the end, I hope our hemp can empower you and help you embrace the alt. After all, that’s what h.alt is.